Voice Of The Devil

Voice of the Devil

Detective Inspector Matt Chase is haunted by his young sister’s abduction. It happened many years ago and but he still blames himself for her subsequent rape and murder. He is obsessed with bringing child molesters to justice and when a local young girl goes missing he is determined to find both her and her kidnapper. But, after many weeks of fruitless investigation the case is being gradually run down as manpower and resources are urgently needed elsewhere. However, when the chief suspect in the case, previously released for lack of evidence, is found tortured, mutilated and very dead, it is suspected he was killed in revenge for the girl’s abduction.

The killer sends audiotapes to the police. The tapes name and threaten other convicted paedophiles with castration and death, and the police have no option but to provide these paedophiles with twenty-four hour protection. This does not go down well with DI Chase, his colleagues, or the public at large.

The tapes give Chase a number of leads. More killings of convicted paedophiles follow and Chase himself finds that he himself becomes a suspect. The investigation follows an exciting and intriguing trail until Chase finally tracks down the killer.

John's latest novel published June 2010.

Voice of the Devil
Holroyd  Publications
ISBN 978-0-9543366-4-6
Registered with Nielsen as crime fiction
197mm x 132mm 296  pages
Laminated full colour cover
Recommended Retail Price £6.99 plus £1.50 P&P via PayPal

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