The Mason's Knot

The Mason's KnotA British mosque is bombed, Muslim worshippers injured and one killed in the assault. The attack by neo Nazis thugs is set against a background of unrest and discontent across Europe because of the influx of immigrants from the Middle East and various other troubled countries. A detective investigating the bombing disappears and is later found hanged, his hands tied behind his back, his tongue cut out.

Detective Inspector Matt Chase is given the task of finding the killers. He discovers the knots used to tie the murdered man’s hands and to hang him, were of a type used in some Freemasonry initiation rituals.

Chase follows the intricate evidence trail that eventually leads him to uncovering an international plot to attack the British Royal Family and start a Europe wide war.

He is determined to prevent this.

The Mason's Knot
Holroyd Publications
ISBN 987-0-9568200-1-3
Registered with Nielsen as crime fiction.
The book is 198 mm x 130 mm, has 282 pages and a laminated, full colour cover.
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