Mowbray: The People’s Park

Mowbray“An inviting little book- plenty of good things in Mowbray park- Nice colour photographs and lively accounts of the stories behind the statues. The best parts of the book come form the author’s own insights and observations. Diligent research has come up with nuggets of information.”- Carol Roberton - The Sunderland Echo.

Featured on the popular Roots of the North programme on BBC Radio Newcastle,

Mowbray the people’s Park is an account of the city’s prize-winning Victorian park, how and why it was constructed, and the fascinating stories behind its features and statues.
It describes in detail the events leading up to the terrible tragedy that occurred at the Victoria Hall 125 years ago, which caused the death of 183 children, and resulted in an Act of Parliament to improve safety regulations in all public buildings in the country.

An exciting account is given of the bravery of Jack Crawford the Sunderland seaman from the east end who distinguished himself at the battle of Camperdown, and changed the course of the battle, and history.

It tells why the statue of Major-General Sir Henry Havelock, the hero of Lucknow, stands on Sunderland’s Building Hill, and why an exact copy was erected in London’s Trafalgar Square.
Gives an account of the life of the businessman, philanthropist, and radical M. P. for Sunderland John Candlish and the colossal effects of the Industrial Revolution upon the area.

Describes the effect both World Wars had on the city, and Sunderland’s contribution to the war effort, both in providing shipping and heavy engineering components, and service personnel.
The book is a handy A5 size, has a full colour laminated cover and contains 86 pages, including eight pages of full colour photographs.

Mowbray: The People's Park
Holroyd Publications
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