Idle Hands

Idle HandsIdle Hands is probably best described by star of stage, screen, TV and radio, Mike (the mouth) Elliott, in his foreword

“Idle Hands is John Ruttley’s second novel and there’s always a certain amount of uncertainty as to whether a new writer can produce a second novel as good as the first. Well reader, he can, and he does it in trumps. Without giving away any of the plot, I can tell you that this is every bit as good as his first novel, The Devil Finds Work, and doesn’t disappoint, or let you down in any way. Reading Idle Hands is like finding a buried treasure chest just waiting to be dug up and the treasure coming to the surface is the writing of John Ruttley. An intriguing plot, studded with great dialogue and peopled with strong, realistic characters you can believe and relate to, are woven together and waiting to unfold for you as you read. These ingredients are the stuff of great tales; they’re all here and make an excellent read. It made me laugh and it made me sad. I know these characters, we all do. I cheered on the good guys and booed the bad guys. This is a cracking tale with all the ingredients of a good thriller, written by a true thriller writer, who tells a story that races along in a ding dong way.

John Ruttley has a huge talent with a great writing style that is very easy to read. But beware, this book is a joy to pick up and read, but very, very hard to put down again until you’ve reached the very last word. Read it, enjoy it and then ask when the film is coming out.”

The story continues nine years after ‘The Devil Finds Work’ ends- The shipyard closes and the lads are made redundant. Finding alternative employment isn’t easy, so Alan and a mate, an ardent Elvis impersonator, continue a criminal career of petty theft when they hijack of a lorry load of VCRs. It goes disastrously wrong when they discover they have mistakenly stolen millions of pounds in cash.

The money is dirty, the proceeds of crime that has been smuggled into the UK from abroad by a German criminal gang.

Alan enlists the help of his friends, Trev, Joe and Mickey, but they soon realise they are way out of their depth, as they desperately try to stay one step ahead of the police and the ruthless German killers, who are determined to get back their money.

The story builds to a dramatic fight to the death.

Idle Hands
Holroyd Publications
ISBN 987-0-9543366-3-9
Registered with Nielsen as crime fiction.
The book is 233mm high x 152mm wide, has 310 pages and a laminated, full colour cover.
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