The Devil Finds Work

Devil‘The Devil Finds Work…’ is probably best described by the words of TV personality, agony aunt and best selling author, Denise Robertson in her foreword -

"If, like me, you've searched in vain for an authentic description of life in the shipyards of Britain, you need search no longer. This book gives you the smell, feel and taste of shipyard life. It portrays the camaraderie and the hardship endured by the men who made ships and gives an in-depth description of their family life. As the men and their women struggle to survive in a climate of industrial unrest and threats to their livelihood they are faced with a stark choice.... to fight organised crime or go under. Add an intriguing plot to authentic detail and you have that most enjoyable of things, a damn good read."

Against a background of national industrial unrest, a small group of ordinary shipyard labourers fight a David and Goliath battle against organised crime as they battle to save their workplace from being taken over. They struggle to find enough money to survive during a series of unofficial strikes, which are endangering the yard's very survival. When they discover that an American crime syndicate is behind the yard's industrial disputes, proposed takeover and the death of a workmate, things really start to move.

The Devil Finds Work
Holroyd Publications
ISBN 987-0-9543366-3-9
Registered with Nielsen as crime fiction.
The book is 233mm high x 152mm wide, has 309 pages and a laminated, full colour cover.
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